Monday, August 26, 2013


When you call a maid in the hospital a nurse, the nurses take offence, when you call a pharmacy technician a pharmacist, the pharmacists take offence, but nurses, pharmacists and lab scientists want to parade themselves as doctors in Nigerian hospitals. Meanwhile, they bypassed medicine, sometimes deliberately, when they were filling JAMB forms. Many of them actually filled medicine in their JAMB forms, but due to the hurdles they couldn't overcome they landed in other courses, and
insist on operating as doctors from wherever they landed. The pharmacist has the exclusive preserve to a licence to import drugs, produce drugs and sell same thru pharmacies, why then does he also want to take over the running of hospitals from doctors? Similarly, the
medical lab scientist is licensed to open and run medical laboratories, yet he prefers to run hospitals. It's pitiable that we have carried obnoxious politics into professional issues. That is very unfortunate for a developing country like ours. I think we should create space for one
another in the health sector to grow to their full potentials rather than seek to suppress one another. We all have our relevance in this sector and we can switch sides on individual basis if we so decide by picking JAMB forms or obtaining greater qualifications rather than trying to pull
the other down. Strikes and counter strike isn't the answer. This is yet another issue I will settle in Imo state as soon as I arrive Douglas House.

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