Saturday, October 12, 2013


Sometimes smiles are imported from the distance past
‘Cause nothing’s been funny in the recent past
Behind the bars were no smiles
Even when the grinning threshold is lowered by miles 
Accused of what I’ll never attempt an attempt to attempt
And hurled behind bars with contempt
Now I know how much freedom is worth!
Having changed from persona to prisoner in this world 
Guilty I’m not
But guilt from my face, I can’t wipe
‘Cause men can lend me trust no longer
Before the judges, my plea looks grey
And the colour of reasonable doubt is grey 

Tell Cindy I did not kill her man
Even though we’re rivals at her love
Tell her it’s okay if she can’t visit me in prison
But let her know:
The only smile on my face now         
         Was imported from the distant past                 
                     When we both had the treasure                             
                                      Of being alone together.     

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