Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nonsense Death

A  young man who works with Intels goes to Iwofe to catch-up with a friend having returned from his foreign vacation the previous week. He makes sure to park his Nissan saloon car inside the compound probably for security reasons.

Iwofe is characterised by historic death traps popularly called bad roads and increased criminal activities. And then the pandemonium starts. The death trap, sorry, bad road has caught a tanker carrying 33 thousand litres of fuel! People around are taking off, the young man inclusive. 

However, his car or I dear say, the devil calls him back! 

He asks the gate man to open the gate for him to drive out. The frightened aboki tells him it's not safe for him to drive out through the rushing stream of fuel which is already making its way into the compound. 

The young engineer with professional level training in safety insists on saving his wife's car from the impending inferno. He doesn't want his wife to pry his jeep from his hands if her car gets burnt. He succeeds in driving the car out of the compound safely. 

However, the bad road immediately out the compound culminated with the surge of adrenaline in his blood to stop his car. He tries to restart the car, and that is it. The ignition is greeted by an explosive outbreak of fire. He doesn't make it out of the car. He meets hell fire right there. 

This story ends as abruptly as his promising life!    

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