Sunday, January 5, 2014

From the old books of a young poet...


I sat mindless on a stone at the shore

And threw pebbles into the breezy quiet sea

And these thoughts overtook my mind...


If i should throw a stone with my all youthful might

And take radius from where it falls

I wouldn't find one more gracious within the circle

To find a match would take miles and years

To find worse, I should only look outside my window

A catholic of them; down at your heel

Even with the best makeups and makeovers


Take my word for it, and be not flattered an atom

You're the model woman

Your culinary skills are unsurpassed in the third planet

Your dining table and your marital bed

Are too many a treasure for one man

Oh, that mother may know how fortunate I have grown!


I wouldn't dare your kind abuse

But every other woman only reminds me of the original

A wonder, my lady, that's what you are

The Creator's masterpiece

I could spend a lifetime be-holding you

Should these good thoughts of you linger

I would fill this sea with these pebbles!


(…Culled from Okpara Emeka’s collection of poems, ONCE BELLE. Available @

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