Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Obinna went for an interview. It was his umpteenth interview since he graduated from the university four years ago. He’d almost given up on interviews, but this one had peculiar incentives. First, there was no application fee, nor was the company hearing through a consultant who would likely usurp the would-be employees. However, he did not have any high hopes whatsoever.
When it got to his turn, he failed the first two questions stat. In fact, he was clueless, didn’t even attempt any of the questions. The interviewers encouraged him to answer just one question, and he would be good to go as it were. He sat up. This could be it, he thought waking up all his faculties.
The interview dragged up to the tenth question, but he was still unbelievably clueless. Then one of his interviewers sighed, and with an air of finality asked him:
 “How would you say you performed in this interview?”
Now, Obinna was a sincere person. I remember him well on campus. At that point he braced himself with his elbows on the handles of the soft swivel seat he sat, and clasping his two hands in front of him; he faced the interviewer squarely and answered:
“I did very well.”
The room exploded with laughter, but Obinna wasn’t even smiling. He was tired of blaming himself, of self-pity, of blaming the system, of passing terrible judgments on self… He simply forgave himself. Well, my good friend is yet to be shortlisted for the job, neither has any other applicant.
For me, that is profound. He had a chance to judge himself, and he took full advantage of it. Somebody would have slammed himself with a horrible sentence, but not Obinna.
Sometimes, we find it difficult to forgive ourselves of mistakes we would easily have forgiven others. We let people go for offences_ which in itself is divine_ but we won’t let ourselves go even when we’d been forgiven. “How could I be so foolish, stupid, gullible, careless…?”
Well, I have forgiven myself for writing such a boring piece. It only remains to ask you to spoil yourself a little just for today, tomorrow and forever- forgive thyself!

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