Friday, May 30, 2014

Restaurant Bills...bring along the ATM card.

So my friend, Dr E returns from this foreign restaurant behind our apartment. He had gone to have dinner with two other peeps there. I took the bill from him and looked at it. I was amazed at how not-so-costly it was, especially given the fact that they were three. I sharpaly overcame my phobia for that particular restaurant and decided to have dinner there the following weekend. I had been owing a good friend a take-out for almost a year, so I called her up. She was so excited when she heard the name of the restaurant.
We went there. The first challenge was picking a meal from the menu. I mean, I'm so not exposed to foreign delicacies, and I was looking at the costs too (wondering what magic my friend and his entourage did to arrive at the bill I saw with him). My company seemed more comfortable with the menu, so I went along with her choice except that I chose meat sauce over fish one she wanted.
The meal served in live hotplate turned out to be worth the wait, but the bill got me swearing to myself 'Am gonna squeeze Dr E's balls for making me come here!'
I went straight to my Dr E's apartment from the restaurant, but not before I took enough pictures to serve a lifetime memory.. 
'Guy, how come you guys had such an abysmal bill the other day @ ..... restaurant?' I asked, concerned.
He laughed heartily: 'We bought one bowl of food and shared the the sauce!'

My only consolation is that my company was impressed, and I got pictures to blog...*winks*   

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