Monday, May 12, 2014

Wait, are we now slaves in our own land too

I have of the many challenges Nigerians living in other countries face. The ill-treatments and labelling stand out. However, what i find more annoying is that Nigerians also face similar situations right here in the country! They get maligned at work by foreigners. Cut the intro and listen to this...
A patient of mine, an employee of Inodorama Eleme Petrochem, walks into my consults room and complained of waist pain. He's a known hypertensive with fair BP control. So I ventured to take an occupational history... That's when he started talking: of how the Indians that ’bought' Eleme petrochem have turned the Nigerian workers there into second class citizens in their own country. Of how they get 'greensticks' from India, force the Nigerian works to train the so-called expatriates, and then make the 'greensticks' supervisors over their Nigerian tutors in same department! In other words, those guys train their own bosses!
Ok, I don't want to recall all he said about the condition of service for Nigerian workers there, which is very different from that of the Indians of course!
I can only imagine the mental torture that guys goes through on daily basis.
#dontjustbringbackourgirls #offerthemabetterfuture #intheirowncountry

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