Friday, November 28, 2014


I wrote this poem a long time ago, but its relevance in this season of campaigns and elections in Nigeria is solid.


Arise, all ye level-headed
Let’s take thoughts to a higher level
Wake up from your slumber
Stop to all the promises of the past ponder
This silence deafens my ears
And it has tarried a little too long!
Forever shall we for good governance long?
Corruption, like maggot, feeds on our silence
And defecates in our presence
Shall we remain like this?

Those who have ages behind them
Want to rubbish the ages in front of us
Those who went to school on public purse
Now want to purse the public
Those who called our fathers “leaders of tomorrow”
And robbed them of yesteryears
Are now calling us “leaders of tomorrow”
When shall this name-calling cease
If we do not today seize?
Laws we may not take into our hands
But our destiny we should!

Okpara Emeka

Age in front of us is part of my collection of poems, Once Belle. Available on Kindle.

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