Saturday, November 22, 2014


A Saudi Man has divorced his wife after she failed to answer his WhatsApp message. The couple had been married for 2 years and recently, the man had complained that his wife spent too much time chatting with friends rather than taking care of their home and child, Gulf News reports...

The final straw came when he sent her a WhatsApp message while he was at work. With the help of WhatsApp’s new feature, he could see that she had read the message but did not reply. He became worried and rushed home from work, only to find her relaxing watching TV and chatting with friends.

He asked her why she didn't answer him or acknowledged his messages. When she answered that she was too busy talking with her friend to answer his calls or his messages, he decided to divorce her.

Most online readers posted they were shocked by the domestic situation of the couple and the breakup of their marriage resulting mainly from their irresponsible behaviour and inability to deal with the issue rationally.
The wife was blamed for her negligence and carelessness while the husband was criticized for allowing the situation to go so far.

Have you gotten terribly angry that someone didn't reply your message on a social media? You know that time when they read and don't reply? 

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