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Ok, so I spoke with Bright Chimezie on Dreams!

Hehehe, I got you on that one…except you didn’t know the ‘Zigima Sound’ crooner of those good old days!
Well, I spoke to Uzoma Bright Chimezie, a very talented Port Harcourt-based Comedian/ MC who’s currently doing his NYSC in a grand style at the Cross River State Government House, Calabar. He’s popularly known as Mc Adviser, and would readily tell you he was born to advise this generation.

At what point in your life did you decide to venture into comedy and why?

[Breathes in deeply] Have been funny from my school days but I couldn't differentiate between a stand-up comedian & a funny guy… I started comedy as a career around 2009, and it wasn't poverty that made me to, rather it was "POVERCATIVITY".
Nothing pain pass when you fat, come poor. People go dey see you for road dey hail you ‘Wow!! Adviser you’re looking good without understanding what you're going through deep inside... But in all it was passion and love for entertainment.

How do you come up with jokes?   

My source of inspiration: my environment, peoples’ actions and the divine grace.

Would you still be a comedian if you were not paid for it?

Funny question [Laughs]. You no dey read bible? Proverbs 18:16: A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men... Great men not great wicked and stingy men!! So, my brother it must pay oh!

Who are your role models and how do you benefit from the life they model?

For packaging of event/ concept: AY; spontaneity: Julius Agwu & Gandoki; energy: Gordons; Psycho: Funny Bone & Akpororo; Creativity & delivery: Basket mouth, I go dye, Okey Bakassi, Senator, Bovi & a whole lot.

What other interests/gifts do you have apart from comedy?

I play football well. In fact, I never wanted to be a comedian. Football, dancing, act & motivational speaking!!!

What are your major dreams in life? 

To be relevant in the entertainment industry, perform at Comedy Central, marry my own wife, have lovely kids, impact the lives of so many youths in Nigeria, Africa & the world at large! (16/11/14, 13:48)

Do you believe in branding? If you do, how do you brand yourself?

Concerning branding, I’m still building on it oh. ADVISER is a brand in the making. For now, we are still building and setting standards.

What is the name of your brand/office/outfit?

I have an entertainment company: A-Media. We package events, and more.
For an upcoming comedian, what is your advice on how the industry works and how to maximally benefit from it?
Well, to me I don't call anyone up-coming because if there's ‘up-coming’, then we’re supposed to have ‘down-going’. My advice to younger or intending comedians is to ask yourself these questions:
Do you have what it takes to be a comedian? If your answer is yes! Then, be creative, loyal and hardworking and pray for grace and divine connections. Most times loyalty pays more than hard-work in this industry, but loyalty without wisdom can lead to stupidity.

So, be creative, be real, be loyal and put God first. Money must be made.

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