Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How To Successfully Publish Your Book Today!

If writing is Maths, getting published is Further Maths. This interview is long, and it should be, because is it essentially tapping into the mind of an ambitious young man who has cut his teeth in the business of writing and publishing. He is Abegunde Sunday Olaoluwa, a zealous poet, public speaker, true teacher, life coach and an inspiring award-winning writer. Sunday, popularly known in writing circles in Nigeria as "Speaking Pen", is presently the Principal Director at Speaking Pen International Concept.

R. McCoy: What are you passionate about and how has your passion driven your current life endeavour(s)?

Speaking Pen: My harvest lies in my investment in others around me. Sunday wants to be happy but can't be happy till he makes others happy. I am passionate about creating a better mentality in the heart of men. I am passionate about speaking and penning to affect lives for good. I am fired up my bed daily with a burning zeal to inform and transform people from all walks of life via programs I facilitate, via the internet, via personal contacts and lot more.

R. McCoy: Why did you choose self-publishing and please outline how you went about it?

Speaking Pen: I think it's pertinent to first state lucidly that the first print of my book "Unleash Your Potential: Beyond Just Motivation" was locally published under Delight (Nig) as publisher before the emergence of Speaking Pen International Concept as publisher of the new print.
The above only made my book available to readers within Nigeria. That was okay, but I wanted something more. My mission is to affect the world. Hence, my search for something more landed me up to self-publish my ebook with Chukzbookstore, ebook Reloaded and surely on the largest online bookstore, Amazon.
Why I chose self-publishing? It remains my surest bet to reach readers worldwide. Note that it is surest bet to reach out to more readers, not necessarily surest bet money wise. If money is your motivation for self-publishing on sites like Amazon, you may end up disappointed. But if affecting lives is it for you, you are on track.
My book is doing pretty fine on amazon. Two weeks ago, it hit Amazon Top #100 bestseller list among all Creativity book. It has loads and loads of reviews and lot more.

And a cool Amazon author page. You should develop your own author page too simply by visiting here.
Another thing I did was that I made google.com my close friend and made the art of reading several articles as my tutor. Do same it helps. There are loads of great articles online about any question bothering your heart about self-publishing per time.

R. McCoy: What has been your challenge(s) so far?

Speaking Pen: Challenges? They are my friends. When challenges visit, I welcome them; learn from them and most importantly I ensure they do not out stay their visit.
Challenge #1 in self-publishing: MONEY. It requires very little cost (Your data bundle cost and other little insignificant cost) to set up and have your book live on Amazon if you can do formatting, cover design and other stuff yourself. If you can't, then hand it to the pros at it by messaging our facebook page. You need to invest some money in promotion if you want to make any sale especially in Nigeria where your family and friends cannot buy on Amazon.
CHALLENGE #2: TIME. It'll literally feast on your time. If you don't create time to promote your book, making any sale would be impossible except you probably hand the job to a person or firm to promote it for you

R. McCoy: Do you have brand/outfit/company? If yes, what are your areas of core competence?

Speaking Pen: Yes, I have a Professional Brand, Speaking Pen International Concept. (Visit speakingp.blogspot.com) to know more about us. Our areas of competence include: Book editing, ISBN processing from National Library of Nigeria, real book printing, eBook publishing, speaking at seminars and programmes.
Speaking Pen International Concept (S.P.I.C) is a duly registered company with the Federal Government of Nigeria with Registration Number, BN 2297369 which offers professional editing services, printing and publishing services, speaking at seminars & programmes, ISBN registration/ issuance from National Library Nigeria, book reviewing, freelance writing, author promotion, and consultancy service for self-pub and traditionally published author.
Some of our services are FREE while our paid services are very affordable as we are more concerned about the impact to be made.

SPIC Aloud! Let your voice be Heard, Read and Upheld!!!

Connect: +2348094200537, +2348138841784

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