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Few months ago, a close friend and colleague of mine sent me a screengrab of a message I sent him on facebook some years back. In the message I was telling him about the novel I was writing. At that time, I had neither the experience nor the resources in publishing, but I had a dream!
Well, that Dream! became a reality this year when I released my widely acclaimed, spell-bounding novel, HIDDEN HALOES, on the second day of August, 2014 in a colourful event in Port Harcourt.
 I know you too are living in the reality of a Dream! you had some time ago. However, what you may not easily realise is the power of voicing out such Dream! confidently even before you have an iota of idea how it’s going to come to pass. It literally sets the universe in motion in your favour.
As part of my new series, Dream!, I will be interviewing a multi-talented young man, Christian Christmas O. Ariye, and this will serve as a reference point when he finally lives in the reality of his Dream! in the future…   
R. McCoy: Can we get to know you?

Christian: I am Christian Christmas Ariye O. I'm a song writer, singer, entrepreneur and motivational speaker.  My philosophy is simply human oriented… changing lives with a focus on young people: by first impacting on the way they think positively, and helping them to discover themselves to make this world a better place.

R. McCoy: At what point in your life did you realize you could be all you are today (i.e song writer, entrepreneur, etc) and how?

Christian: When I got into the University

R. McCoy: Did your passion in anyway shape your chosen fields of eendeavor today or were your barely looking out for where the money was?

Christian: All of these things I just mentioned were birthed out of passion.

R. McCoy: For how many years have you been into your current fields of endeavour?

Christian: 2years

R. McCoy: As a song writer how/where do you derive your inspiration?

Christian: I can even get one from this conversation…

R. McCoy: In other words, you draw inspiration from everywhere?

Christian: Yes, especially when I don't allow distractions.

R. McCoy: So what is/are your dream(s)?

Christian: In music, it is to win the Grammy; in motivational speaking, it is to help young people find there place; as an entrepreneur, it is to give value and create more jobs. (15/11/14, 21:19)

R. McCoy: When people are asked about their role models, they usually mention successful people they probably have no connection with/to. I like to know, do you have role models, and how do you benefit from the life they model?

Christian: My first role model is my Mum. She is an entrepreneur. And how I benefit from the life she models is the impact I’m enjoying when I talk to young people. That is why I enjoy what I do. That’s on the immediate family platform. Others are my Pastor, Dr Akilah Yusuf;  senior pastor House On The Rock, Jos; my General Overseer, Pastor Paul Adefarasin; Dr T.D Jakes and Dr Myles of blessed memory.
I actually model after a lot of people becauses of my interests.

R. McCoy: Do you work with any outfit/company or brand? Give us a little profile of the outfit?

Christian: A brand? I’m still fine-tuning on that. A company? Yes: a small and medium scale business where we deal on Architectural designs, Gele artistry and make-over jobs. In no distant time, we shall incorporate our company dealing in wedding cakes and snacks delivery, ChristianChrismas.

R. McCoy: So far do have any regrets?
Christian: No.
R. McCoy: Finally, what advice do you have for young people reading this interview?
Christian: Stick to your passion because I have learned that the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort but where he stands at times of challenge and discovery.
R. McCoy: Thanks for your time. To Your Dream!

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