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You may not easily accept this, but virginity can really be a burden especially for teenagers (who still got theirs, of course). The force of inertia we learnt in Physics class operates here as much as is does in Physics lab. Virginity is one virtue that hardly earns any bragging rights in the present dispensation of things. It is hard to keep, and arguably harder to lose; that’s if you were lucky to escape child abuse.

When the floodgates of peer pressure (from both virgins and non-virgins) opens in secondary school, amidst a myriad of emotional and physiological changes that visit the body at puberty, an average teenager can be a walking picture of the word ‘confusion’. To hold on to, or to lose virginity...and how or how not? That, I must say, is a major but neglected cross-road in life; its effect can spill over other aspects of life easily. It is worsened by the fact that traditionally, it takes two to tango.

You have read in the news of young people raping their siblings, opening fire on fellow students, etc. These are a few bizarre examples of such confusion.   

The essence of this article is to help you lose your virginity with ease (when you decide to) and in a way that would not jeopardise the rest of your (sex) life. If you are comfortable with this topic, and you should, click here. That’s all!

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