Thursday, November 20, 2014

Joke of the day!

Of course I am joking?

A Guy was called for an interview by Chevron based on his performance while working for Shell.
The Interviewer, Akpos asked: What is your current pay at Shell and what are you looking at with Chevron?

The Guy said: 9 Million Naira per annum plus medical and other benefits. Considering the position here in Chevron, I'd be looking at 20-22 Million Naira per annum, a status car, overseas vacation and medicals.

Akpos said: Today is your lucky day! The position comes with 35 Million Naira per annum salary, 2014 Range Rover Sport as official car, Mercedes Benz S65 AMG as status car, overseas medical treatment, a fully furnished house in Lekki, health insurance for your wife and children, 2 houses to be built for you in any town of your choice and in your village, annual overseas vacation for you and your family fully-paid first class, 2 Million Naira wardrobe allowance per annum, cook, steward and 2 drivers, country club membership, and you are entitled to keep all that the company gives you if you put in just 3 years of service. 

The guy in bewildered excitement exclaimed: Haaaa! Sir, you must be joking?

Akpos said: of course I am joking. Were you not the one that started it?

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