Saturday, November 22, 2014

Poetic Saturday...Let’s Not Love Here!

Let us not love here
Where the chariots of time will soon overtake us
For love is eternal, pure, santos
Shant be reduced to a careless hush hush
Let’s withhold ourselves from this three-to-five-minutes
Of mad love that’ll tarnish our souls

Let us not love here
Where lust and jealousy tarnish
The golden soul of pure love
Rather let’s keep this beauty that lies within us
We shall not corrupt it with hiding
In corners, at night kissing
Unbrushed mouths in the morning
Please, Cynthia, let us not love here

Let our body of sin pass away
And leave our soul in its purest form
That we may go to the paradise
In the shining light of a multitude of angels
There, we shall make love

And live in eternal orgasm.

R. McCoy

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