Saturday, November 22, 2014

Poetic Saturday...NO HARD FEELINGS!

All the while she’s been with you
I’ve dreamt of, and desired her
All the time she’d held you tight
I had wished I were you or you were me
She was the one portrait in your gallery I wanted
I could have stolen her, but I didn’t

Now that you’ve broken her heart, let me mend it!
I hope you don’t come back to her
I’d waited out your phase in her life
Do us the favour of waiting out mine
While she was yours, I stirred clear
Please, stir clear now
While she love you, I bottled my jealousy
Now please, put this cap on yours
While you kissed her teats, I clenched my teeth
Please, borrow a leaf from me now

I’d been a faithful friend
Now, I need you to be one

No hard feelings, Romeo; your loss is my gain!

R. McCoy

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