Monday, November 24, 2014

There Is No Wikipedia Article on Linda Ikeji

I was checking the Wikipedia data base for something recently and I realized with awe that there was no article on Linda Ikeji on Wikipedia.

I however saw two drafts on her one of which was had already been rejected. I tried to edit the article and re-submitted it. I would have loved to write one on her, but I don't have adequate information on her, and she doesn't respond to mails!

Your question would be why am I drinking panadol (I don't take Emzor paracetamol) on somebody else's headache. However, the truth is that it's not her headache. Wikipedia actually doesn't encourage one writing articles on themselves.

It is indeed a sign of literary laziness on the part of all creative spirits (in Emeka Nobis' voice) in this country for someone somewhere to type 'Linda Ikeji' on Google/Wikipedia and nothing comes up apart from her blog posts and other 'mentions'. I mean, she more loved than that! Isn't she? I would gladly edit Wikipedia articles on her if someone who knows her better or whose mails she replies (maybe @AyeDee) writes one. Lol.
Photo: Lindaikeji Blog.

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