Thursday, November 27, 2014


If you are a professional in any field, you would have experienced this thorny situation…

Chidimma (not real name) is barrister who was called to bar in a colourful occasion that was well attended by family members. Her father was so happy about her success in the Nigerian Law School that he made sure to provide transport facility for all family members and friends who cared to attend. Finally, the dream of her father which eventually became her dream (to be a lawyer) had come true.
She hit the ground running in the legal profession with an employment in a reputable law firm in Lagos owned by a long term friend of her father’s who had become a SAN.

Chidimma was living the good life! She had a brand new car which was her call-to-bar present, she had moved out the family house into her own tastefully furnished two-bedroom flat and had found a lover for herself in the son of her principal partner’s son who was doing his Master’s program in UK even though he came home as often as one studying in Unilag.

She was growing fast into a law diva, and now and then family members sought her opinion on legal issues. It always brought her immense fulfilment to help in that regard. And so, when her only brother mentioned this ‘wow’ business partnership he was going to get their father to involve the family business in, she quickly asked him to send her the papers. For unknown reason he didn’t send the papers in time; he even convinced their dad into signing the agreements before he sent her the papers.

She quickly raised alarm when she looked into the agreements, but no one would listen to her. Her father said Law had made her wary of everything; her brother said she didn’t know business enough to be of important opinion; her mom asked her to trust her father’s instincts, afterall that was what got them were they were as a family; her elder sister just wasn’t interested, her new boyfriend was more fun that any issues Chidimma could raise.

Chidimma tried to get her boss to talk to her father, but the SAN was too busy to go through the agreements; he gave his promise though, but defending a senator in court was enough big deal…
Fastforward six months… Chidimma’s fears came true faster than she’d ever have thought. Her father lost a whooping N92m in that partnership…and now everybody is calling her for a stipend.

Please, share with us. What would you do when your family won’t take your professional advice? Yet, they go about advertising you to others as a professional!

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