Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ever Heard of EDX?

You know how you'd appreciate an online course carefully crafted to suit your busy schedule. Your new interests in cooking, graphic design, history, etc could really use a boost if you had the right kind of training... You don't even need any certification, you just want the knowledge or skill. But, hey!, if the certification is worthwhile, why not get it as well?

Well, you just got lucky. Edx.org is an online platform bringing together the quality expertise MIT, Harvard and other ivy league schools to offer you and amazing online course experience for free. Yes, free. You can literally 'window shop' a course throughout it's duration, participate in forums and do assignments to earn an honour code in a course or you call go all the way and get a valuable certification from the University offering the course.

Thinking of really doing an online course sometime? Let edx.org give you an enduring kickstart experience.

Visit today and register for a course!
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