Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's Christmas Eve!

The Christmas holiday is upon us! It's such a beautiful time of the year. As I young child, I used to look up to this season. The beautiful weather, the travel to the village to meet exciting people who turn out to be our relatives living in towns and cities I've never been to, the fanfare, and how can I forget the food?! All of these conspire to make the season such a terrible one.

Growing up changed that, but not totally. I'm gradually stepping into that stage of life when it's in my place to make this season magical for someone else and not the other way round. You'd have guessed it's not easy to say the least, but it comes again with a different kind of fun.

Some of the most amazing sights on earth is watching a young child run off in glee to show his mother a present you got him/her.

It gets better than that too. For me, this particular Christmas comes with a need for spiritual cleansing. To forgive myself and others alike of the hurts and failures of the year, and to sincerely seek the forgiveness of others for the hurts I might have caused. This is important because our minds need as much holidays as our bodies.

So, if you are reading this, and I've hurt you in any way, forgive my taking this short cut to apologise. You didn't deserve to be hurt by me or anyone; forgive and let this Christmas be the best you've had so far!

I'm looking forward to next year with anticipation. I've personally declared it my year of New Order. Several years ago I had what I consider a divine conviction that I would be a state governor. It stemmed from almost surreal repeated experiences of walking through the government house boulevard of Imo and 'seeing visions of what could change'. That was when such luxury was available to ordinary citizens like me (now it's not, the path is closed). A summary of those specific changes I envisioned is what I call New Order; and it's timeless.

I had paid lip service to that ambition over the years; next year should be different. I am set to acquire the capacity and develop the character to live up to that ambition.

Merry Christmas & Prosperous New Year!

From me, to you.

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