Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Packets of Happiness on the Shelf:

There are a lot impactful articles/books and songs pointing us to reach within ourselves for the peace, happiness and love we so eagerly desire from the outside world. Whitney's Greatest Love of All is a good example of such philosophy. However, such beautiful works are nothing compared to the didactic 'training' we've received and continue to receive from dusk to dawn from world's growing list of innovators, manufacturers, designers, etc and the well-endowed 'public relations' industry which continually point us to the shelves for packets of happiness!

These industries with their huge budgets have created a 'philosophy of futility' in the minds of the masses. From designer toothpicks to private jets, we are hooked to a life where 'getting' is synonymous with 'happiness'.

According to Noam Chomsky, "From infancy we have drilled into us that we need to adopt a philosophy of futility and that we have to perceive ourselves as passive consumers."

The manufacturing industry have not only produced goods, they've also produced 'wants'. The happiness question now is 'how many manufactured wants can I satisfy?' This makes perfect sense because we've been made to focus on the insignificant things of life, like fashionable consumption, and totally disassociate from one another.

Our conception of self, the sense of value is just "how many created wants can I satisfy?"

More and more people are ignoring the spiritual side of life, and large corporations and the media have rushed in to fill that spiritual void in their lives with materialism,
consumerism, and celebrity-worship.

This article doesn't seek to condemn our current dispensation of life; its purpose is to ensure that the next time you reach for a packet of happiness on the shelf to throw into your cart life, you do it consciously (aware of the option you ticked).
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