Sunday, December 7, 2014

Stop Wasting Food And Feed The Poor, Says THE ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY

This gospel of social responsibility is scarce in new generation churches, I don't know about Mosques. Our focus has been on 'prosperity' and 'giving to the kingdom'. People are even afraid of giving to their neighbours for fear of being 'jazzed' in return, but they are not afraid of giving to 'a man of God' who may in fact be 'a strange man'.

* As a nation, England discards about 15 million tons of food a year.
* One supermarket chain created 28,500 tons of food waste in just 6 months.
* 'The scale of waste in this country is astonishing,' says the Archbishop

The Archbishop of Canterbury has told
supermarkets to stop wasting food and
feed the poor

In one corner of a refugee camp in the
Democratic Republic of Congo was a large
marquee. Inside were children, all ill. They
had been separated from family, friends,
those who looked after them. Perhaps,
mostly having disabilities, they had been
abandoned in the panic of the militia attack
that drove them from their homes. Now they
were hungry. It was deeply shocking but,
tragically, expected.

A few weeks later in England, I was talking
to some people – a mum, dad and one child
– in a food bank. They were ashamed to be
there. The dad talked miserably. He said
they had each been skipping a day's meals
once a week in order to have more for the
child, but then they needed new tyres for
the car so they could get to work at night,
and just could not make ends meet. So they
had to come to a food bank.

They were treated with respect, love even,
by the volunteers from local churches. But
they were hungry, and ashamed to be

Two weeks ago, people in churches up and
down the land listened to the passage in St
Matthew's Gospel where Jesus describes
who will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
When Christ returns, He will say: 'Come, you
that are blessed by my Father, inherit the
kingdom… for I was hungry and you gave
me food, I was thirsty and you gave me
something to drink.'

The good people are surprised, they don't
remember helping anyone so powerful, and
think He has mixed them up with someone
else. Jesus tells them: 'Just as you did it to
one of the least of these… you did it to me.'

Those who did not give food to the hungry
or a drink to the thirsty find out God has
taken their lack of kindness into account too.

Source: Daily Mail
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