Monday, December 1, 2014

World AIDS Day!

Happy new month folks!

Welcome to December, the month of festivities.

Coincidentally, today is World AIDS Day, a day that is set aside for people around the world to join forces to show their support for those living with the AIDS virus, as well as those who have died from the disease.
This is the 26th World AIDS Day!

An estimated 34 million people are living
with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, and
more than 35 million have died from the

This year's theme is "Focus, Partner,
Achieve: An AIDS-free Generation."

Ahead of World AIDS Day, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) urged more investment and access to treatment for children.

UNICEF said that while all other age groups
have experienced a decline of nearly 40% in
AIDS-related deaths between 2005 and
2013, those ages 10-19 are the only group
in which AIDS-related deaths are not

Remember that HIV prevention is as simple as ABC: ABSTINENCE from sex, BE Faithful with a partner who's not infected and use CONDOM.

Stigmatization of people living with HIV kills more than the virus.

Have a beautiful month!
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