Tuesday, January 6, 2015

[Productivity] Mute Notes.

People are looking for jobs... Graduates, some with very high grades. They subscribe to data everyday and are on all social media everyday posting, commenting, shading, calling out, arguing. They have staggering online presence that hardly yields any profit.

I hope this post below challenges all of us.

Mute Efe is a facebook friend of mine. I was introduced to him by a mutual friend last year, and I'm glad I met him on social media. I'm yet to meet him personally though. He makes regular posts on facebook he calls MUTE NOTES; very consistently insightful posts that borders on personal leadership.

Towards the end of last year he decided to release the posts on 'subscription basis' beginning from this January so that serious-minded people would have exclusive access to his notes on Facebook and improve their lives.

Read his testimony below and be challenged to make your time online productive.

Mute Efe:
If where you are today is where you've always
been and you don't like it, it is because you
have not made a deliberate effort to leave
there. You may be doing a lot and yet not
doing enough. Activity is not productivity.
At Day 1 of the commencement of Mute's
Notes 25 people have already subscribed.
Yes, they paid to read notes published here
on Facebook. It's not because they have
money to throw around. It's because they are
making a deliberate effort at becoming
You can be a part of these people that will be
on this journey for the coming 6 months and
experience real transformation. It's time to go
To subscribe:
1. Pay N5,000 subscription fee to:
Personal Leadership Resources
Guaranty Trust Bank Plc.
2. Send an SMS in the format below to
MN * Surname * First Name * Facebook Name
* Email * GSM No.
After your payment has been confirmed you will be invited into the group.

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