Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Spiritual Lottery: How Should You Play This Year?

Matthew is a good man. He stopped attending the meeting of landlords in his neighbourhood since majority of them insisted on sharing beers for 'item seven' during their meetings. Matthew would have preferred they all do water and malt, afterall, the latter were healthier.

After one of such meetings which he didn't attend, the PRO approached him to say the landlords resolved to make a token contribution to grade the road ii their neighbourhood. He immediately regretted not attending the secular meeting; such a decision would never have been made if he was there! How could they! He cited the constitutional role of the government to provide good access roads and declined blatantly to make any contribution.

His wife who has had to change her shock absorber recently however saw it differently. She felt the government in this part of the world shouldn't be waited upon. Again, the last community service she could remember doing was the one she did as part of her course work in the university several years ago.

She offered to pay the money from her own pocket but her husband forbade her. As a christian mother, she 'parked well' on the issue.

The next Sunday, it was senior pastor's wife's birthday! A young pastor in the church picked the microphone and urged the congregation to show 'mama' some love. He was still trying to cite the scriptural basis of 'blessing the woman of God' when Matthew stood up and donated a N200,000 to celebrate 'mama's' birthday.

That was when Matthew's wife lost it. She frowned all the way to their house from the church. Matthew forgot her last birthday! And when he finally remembered, he gave her a long passionate hug, kissed her on the mouth and told her what a blessing she's been to his life all these years; he didn't buy her any gift.

She decided to lead the monday morning devotion the following day, and she titled her preaching 'spiritual Lottery', and made sure to sit directly opposite Matthew while she preached.

#Christians Have To Learn To Give For Giving, Not For Receiving.

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