Friday, February 6, 2015

One More Productive Thing To Do With Your Phone.

You already know there are a thousand and one things your phones can do for you that you never tried, but this one is different. You’d love to try it.

‘I love reading books; it’s just that I don’t like carrying them about…’

So you have an android device, and you still use the excuse above? Well, that is not 2015! Remember, there is no difference between those who cannot read (illiterates) and those who do not read. Okada Books is a Nigerian initiative to make the best published and unpublished titles available to everyone with a similar ease with which you’d get an okada. It doesn’t stop there. It actually gets better than that!

The Okada Books app is available for easy download free on Googleplay. There are thousands of contemporary titles including HIDDEN HALOES and ONCE BELLE available for download by the click of a button. You can search the title by name or simply look through the collection according to the category. Most of these titles are free, a few others have a pricetag, usually less than N400 and buying them is as easy as recharging an Etisalatrecharge card. You could also pay via credit card using a secure line.

Once downloaded, the book(s) are available in a device optimised format right on the Okada Books app that makes it such an amazing experience reading a book alone. The first time I read Chimamanda’s Americana was on Okada app, and the app added to the flavour of that amazing masterpiece.

The next time you have to sit for a while in wait for something, between classes or travelling, I suggest you tread the boring chats that end up draining your battery for an inspiring and interesting novel like HIDDEN HALOES or a collection of simple, contemporary and outstanding poems like ONCE BELLE right on your Okada Book app on your android device or the webapp on your computer.

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