Saturday, February 7, 2015

VIGIBELLS CONCEPTS…A Perfect Mix of Creativity and Quality!

When you are looking for creativity and quality garnished with excellent service delivery tailored to your peculiar needs, you are actually looking for Vigibells Concepts.

Vigibells Concepts is an on-point outfit, managed by forward-thinking, young and vibrant youths, which specializes in:

1.      Design, production and sales of hand-made bags (Ankara and leather) and shoes to match.

2.      Bead making for personal use, as costume or for event decoration.

3.      Baking of cakes, pastries and small chops for family use, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, passing out parties (POP), etc.

4.      Training of individuals or groups interested in learning how to make any of the above (special discounts for corps members)

To have a feel of the Vigibells experience, contact (for serious business only):
Phone/Whatsapp: 07060472598
BB Pin: 292B15CC

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