Friday, March 20, 2015

[Short Story] Memoirs of a Small Time Doctor

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Episode 1

So, I dropped the phone call wondering that morning why I had to be given the heads up. A bishop's wife was coming to the clinic. Should that be a big deal? Well, anything about pastors, especially the big time ones in Pentecostal denomination is a big deal for their members at least. Even when the pastors would prefer a simple life, their members won't let them.

I kept my phone back into my pocket and continued with my routine; welcoming the patients into the consulting room one after the other with a smile, and an enthusiastic 'Good day, take a seat. How're you today?!' I have mastered that art. It worked. The patients always tried to keep up with the enthusiasm except when their illness wouldn't let them. It made them relax, easier to deal with.

At 3:45 pm I looked at my wristwatch for the umpteenth time wondering whether the bishop's wife was still going to come. Closing time was 4pm and today of all days; I wouldn't want to exceed it. I have another 5-hour shift at a private hospital starting at 6pm. I would need to freshen up at home before heading to that place. I was on call yesterday night; I was actually supposed to be off duty in this hospital today, but government has refused to hire more hands to make the work easier. They don’t even pay the hands they already have as at when due.

The folder came in at exactly 3:39 pm.

"The bishop's wife. They said you knew they were coming," the nurse said as she dropped the folder on my table.
Fair, short and beautiful, she for one liked to give a little intro of each patient she brought in. We've been sharing jokes a little too much these days, even some flirtations, but I don't think we're going anywhere with that. We are incompatible heightwise.

"Let her in," I sighed, hoping to make it snappy.

She walked into the consulting room with her gorgeousness. Tall woman, fresh chocolate coloured skin caressed by her cashmere sleeveless gown with fluid embroidery exquisitely weaved on to pamper. The dress was so fluid it seemed to simply flow down her stature contouring around her protruded abdomen.

I must have been carried away by her presence for there was no other explanation of why I didn’t greet and offer her a seat. She greeted me first easing herself to a seat before I could find my voice to say a word. Something about how she walked straight and sat easily as though her protruded abdomen wasn’t a hindrance struck me. Abdomen this large usually made them walk as though they are pushing a truck, but she was different. Strangely so.

‘Good afternoon, madam. You’re welcome. How are you today?’
A furtive look at the TV hanging on the corner of the wall to my right helped me do that successfully. I picked the remote control and lowered the volume of the TV. Honestly, the volume of the TV was no problem. Problem was: I was finding it a little difficult maintaining my composure with this gorgeous lady right in front of me in this consulting room. Her beauty was unsettling. Pastors are very lucky men; they get the chance every Sunday and Wednesday to stand on the pulpit and identify the finest among the congregation. That’s why they usually choose the best. And it’s good for the ministry! Which pastor wouldn’t grow into a bishop with this kind of lady by his side?

to be continued...

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