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#StarsAndStripes 4


I have stated that it is possible for you to FAKE a PREGNANCY. But you can NOT FAKE a DELIVERY.

If the baby is not there, the baby is not there.

You cannot push out what you did not take in and nurture and grow.

There are a lot of people today interested in faking pregnancies- living a life they've not yet acquired, pushing an image they've not yet attained, assuming a position they've not yet achieved, jumping to catch what they've not grown to keep.

But the problem with faking a pregnancy is that if you were pregnant nine months ago, you should have a baby now! Where's the baby?

There will always come a time for reckoning. The time for reckoning is the time for delivery. What you said you had, show it. It is time. Where is it?

You really have to ask yourself, are you more interested in APPEARING PREGNANT than you are in ACTUALLY CARRYING SUBSTANCE?

You should also note that there are certain processes that cannot be shortened.

A great man once said, "You can get pregnant and give birth to a baby in nine months by sleeping with one man. But you cannot shorten that process and give birth to a baby in one month by sleeping with nine men."

Some things take time. Some things take process.

And there are no shortcuts for them.

So if what you're doing now is putting up appearances of who you're not when what you should be doing is getting your lessons with the scars and stripes that come along, then you're only elongating your process.

When you're ready to settle down and get your results, you will pay the price. And whatever you were running from will only multiply in consequence.

"FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT" is a great message. But there is a problem when you get so carried away with faking it that you ignore making it.

#StarsAndStripes 5


Some people collect coins. Some collect vintage cars. Some, stamps or currency.

I collect Throwbacks.

I saw an old picture of Pastor Sam Adeyemi and his wife. I downloaded that picture immediately. I still have it. I love that picture.

A lot of you know Pastor Sam Adeyemi now. Count 10 influential pastors in Nigeria, his name will undoubtedly come up. I deeply admire him.  His works, influence and impact. Beyond these, however, I am deeply inspired by his story.

I listened to a message he preached sometime back. He detailed some of the things he went through as a young pastor with a tiny congregation. Now, by several standards, he is a success. But he came from somewhere, a past that is not too lovely. A past of scars, stripes and stories.

Brick upon brick. Brick upon brick. He built. He grew. Brick upon brick.

When we hear success stories, we love them. But do we know the process behind the success? We want their success. Can we stand their stripes?

* * *

There are certain VERY IMPORTANT questions you should be asking yourself now.

Are you building your future? Or are you frittering away your present in unwholesome enjoyment at the risk of tomorrow?

There are certain hits you will take now yet will recover from. Hits that will leave you with scars and great lessons. Lessons to build tomorrow. But if you run away, ultimately, you will meet them again. And when you do, you'll be lucky if you even recover, much less have scars.

You can NOT BORROW lessons. You LEARN lessons. Are you LEARNING?

[Did I mention that I profoundly admire Pastor Nike Adeyemi for having the foresight and courage to stand by her man- even when all she could see physically were SCARS and STRIPES. Not many women can do that.]

#StarsAndStripes 6


I think Wizkid's lyrics are stupid and bereft of clear thinking. I think Wizkid is a perverter of sound morale and good judgment. Few weeks ago, I overheard some children singing gleefully, "I want your body sleeping in my beeeeed!" and I wondered what I would do if I were their parent and caught them singing that song.

I might be tempted to make them sleep UNDER their beds for one week. That is after soundly walloping their ears with anointed slaps.

Okay, I was only kidding.

But what have these children turned into? When I was their age, I did not want anybody sleeping in my bed- perhaps aside from Voltron and Robocop and Power Rangers. But I digress. We were talking about Wizkid.

I don't like Wizkid. But I am inspired by his story. That boy has his SCARS and STRIPES and STORIES. From studio rat to international phenomenon.

That could not have been an accident.

You see, I do not necessarily have to like someone in order to learn from them, to be inspired by their story and to observe the principles they observed so that I may apply it in my life to get the results I want. And that is a mistake that people tend to make- that if you dislike a person, there is nothing you can learn from him.

But that is not wisdom speaking. That is pride. Pride possessed with a healthy dose of foolishness.

My friend, I believe you are not foolish.

People who have properly earned their scars and stripes have also earned the right to be listened to and learned from. Liking them has nothing to do with anything.

Be wise.

#StarsAndStripes 7


When someone is more successful than you are in a particular area, and consistently gets better results and output in general, than you do, there is something he knows that you don't know and there is something he is doing that you need to discover.

You can hate him all you like. But if you are wise, you will humble yourself and learn.

You see, pride is a very expensive commodity. It is not something that a lot of us can really afford. Yet, I see people beat their chest with confidence born of folly and say, "I have my pride. I can never learn from him or her.”

But can you see where folly is such a terrible thing? Someone has his PRIDE. And for donkey years, his pride has not gotten him any results. As a matter of fact, it is costing him a lot. And then someone else has KNOWLEDGE of PRINCIPLES and is consistently getting great results.

Now, common sense says, "Throw away that pride and get knowledge of principles." Folly says, "Hold on to your pride. It is all you have."

My dear friend, it is true, your pride is all you have. And if you are not careful, it is all you will ever have.

I have lived a very observant life. Trust me, I have not seen someone drive to work in an automobile built of pride, or living in an apartment constructed from the materials of pride. I have not seen any single thing built from pride.

Pride is not a tradable commodity. Many times, it is a liability. Not an asset.

You don't need to like Wizkid too. But you can learn from him. Personally, I don't like scars. But certain critical lessons in life come with scars. If I want the lessons, I must deal with the scars.

Doing whatever you like and letting pride get in your way is a luxury you can't afford. Trust me.

#StarsAndStripes 8


In the course of the series, I hinted that you would need to follow a process in order to attain and maintain a preferred position. Now, it is important that I point out something very vital here.

When I say, identify and follow the process I do not mean that you should go and look for a way to suffer so that you will have your stories.

Biscuit passes through a process. Gold passes through a process. The day that biscuit loses its sense of direction and decides to go and pass through any process for the sake of passing through process, and then it locates the process of gold so it can pass through it, its end has come.

Some people are suffering without direction and they think they are collecting scars that will eventually turn to stars. Okay.

The fact that you are suffering does not mean you will eventually enjoy. Quite a lot of suffering is just in vain and will lead to only more suffering.

The reason mentors exist is so that they can guide you through IMPORTANT phases of the RIGHT PROCESS built for YOU.

They would not shortcut the process. But they would help you navigate so you don't waste unnecessary time in avoidable delays.

Find a MENTOR. Locate YOUR process. Don't suffer for nothing.

[The End]

AKPOVETA, Valentine 't
|KinetoLeadership™ Coach


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