Friday, May 15, 2015

FREE VERSE: Roll Back Malaria.

It's the morning after

And I was about to sweep the room

Thank God I saw it in time to stop

One dead bee

Three dead cockroaches

One ladybird dead and stiff

Several ant and spiders dead and stiff

Many other insects in similar fate

No Single Dead Mosquito Sighted

The dead insects littered the room

Two live mosquitoes with fat red behind

Perching menacingly on the window

Mocking me and my insecticide

I made sure not to tamper with the evidence

And I took pictures

Then I cordoned off the area

I do not know if this will stand up in court

But someone has to sue these insecticide makers

For drawing mosquitoes on canisters

That kill all insects but mosquitoes

I think these companies are working

In tandem with mosquitoes

To perpetuate malaria

'Tusasia' is still the best

As long as you don't drop it on foodstuff

And wake to a dead pet or human!

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