Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The AvTCorner: #Deep Thoughts.

Good morning.
I'm glad your day is going very well. I've been MIA here because I've been deeply immersed in the service of the nation. No excuse is good enough anyway... That's why I strive to present to you this:



The story is told of a frog who, traveling with a group of other frogs, fell into a deep pit. Along with it fell another frog.

The two frogs immediately tried to jump out.

But the companions of the frogs, up above, waved frantically at them to stop jumping. To save their energy and concentrate on surviving, by searching and eating whatever insects they could find, because there was no way they would ever get out.

Slowly, one frog stopped jumping. He looked on morosely, resigned and ready to die. But the second frog kept jumping. As a matter of fact, he jumped even higher and higher each time as though he was gaining more energy.

The frogs above kept shouting even louder, waving their hands faster, telling him to stop. To save his energy. That frog just kept jumping, even higher. Eventually, with a burst of energy, he jumped out.

Whoa! How did he do it! How did he jump out! No one had ever jumped out! What was the secret! Could he write a book perhaps, teaching other frogs how to jump out of pits- 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY JUMPING FROGS... FROG JUMPING FOR DUMMIES... JUMP AND GROW RICH...?

Through all the questions and congratulations, the frog just kept smiling and looking around. Smiling. And looking around.

The frog heard not a single word of what was said. The frog was deaf.

* * *

Sometimes... It pays to be deaf to those who say you can't do it. Sometimes... It pays to be ignorant of the limitations that stopped others.

Find your path. Pursue your dreams. Blaze a trail.

[to be continued]

AKPOVETA, Valentine 't
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