Friday, July 31, 2015

[New Poem] Weekend Blues

It's been a while I read a good poem, freshly done by someone I know. I love the sizzling sweetness of this particular one. Uzo Nwamara, a renowned creative writer based in Port Harcourt did this for someone he loves..


Words are dancing
In my head
Woven words weaving
Through my being
Songs sewn in the
Tapestry of my heart
By none but you
Oh! velvety songstress
I hear your rhythm
I hear your call
I hear my name
Floating and dancing
In the wind
I feel the fire in the
Fingers of your voice
Pulling and enchanting
Are you in your
Scented bed of
Purple and roses
Are you shorn of inhibitions
Are you fresh from the bath
Are you ready
Are you hungry
Are you waiting for me
Do you hear the urgent
Patter of panting footfalls
Do you hear the keen
Gentle naked knocks
That's famished me at the door
Awaiting your embrace.

*credits: Uzo Nwamara*

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