Wednesday, July 1, 2015

UNCHURCHED...A Critical Look On Christendom, Belief System & Doctrine.

It's the 1st of July, an amazing rainy day in Bayelsa... This weather makes you want to lie down on your bed and read (that's if you're single- winks).

Luckily, one of the thought leaders in common knowledge, emeka NOBIS, whose was born on a day like this 35 years ago is releasing a beautiful gift to the world for FREE!

It's called UNCHURCHED!

Hear him via his BBM broadcast this morning...

"I'm A Gift To Humanity!

I have no reasons to doubt my mum. She told me I was born on this day, 35 years ago. Her labour pains were intense before I eventually popped out.

As a teen I had changed my name to Solomon Joseph because I loved the exploits of Solomon (handling 1000 women) and Joseph (his coat of colours and dreams).

I've been through patches (an ugly car accident that broke my femur and loss of a baby), but I've enjoyed the many sweet waters that have streamed my way.

I trained as an engineer, but embedded within me are my gifts to humanity - writing and speaking. They're tools with which I worship - being the answer others seek.

Today, I'm 35. I have a gift for humanity. It's called UNCHURCHED, a critical look at Christendom, belief systems and doctrines. It's an ongoing project.

As a thought leader and writer, I do hope this adventure matches my objective of raising exceptional thought leaders who will build newer cultures in society and organisations.

At noon, I will share the link to this work that took me 2 years. It's FREE for everyone to download and read and share with others.

As a support, you can put UNCHURCHED's front cover design on your DP. You can also share this message so that others can keep tabs.

It's a beautiful Wednesday.

Live your best life always!

Writer & Thought Leader
@iamemekanobis | "

You can download and read a chapter of the book here, right now while we all await the release of the full book at mid day.

Have yourself a wonderful JULY!

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