Friday, August 28, 2015

Come In Here: There Is A Song For You To Sing

I stumbled on this song I wrote few years ago while in school. Funny enough, I don't know how to sing it, but I would really like to hear someone sing it.


So, let's play this little game...

1. Sing your own version of the song; either in part or in full
2. Record it and send the audio recording with your name and phone number to my mail or my BBM (pin:2BA5BEF1)
3. I'll choose the one I like most and reward the effort handsomely

So, are you really to play?

Let's go...

Did You Know 

 I can’t believe this

Oh yeah, I got to ‘cause t’s real

But it still bothers me

That all this while I never saw it

Yet it’s so glaring

Now that t’s burst on my face 


Did you know?

You’re going to leave me like this

Did you know?

I would become a piece of trash to you

Did you know?

Someone was gonna take my place in your heart

Did you, oh did you?  


That sultry afternoon

On my second day in college

I was downcast with overburden of college reg

You walked up to me

With the knowing smile of a pro

And the soothe of your brawn voice

Filled me with strength and enthusiasm

You helped me with the rest of the reg

But back then did this day ever cross your mind? 


(Chorus: did you know…) 


The memory stings

Meeting you opened the floodgates of love

And every affair I had pronto became an intro

You were the real thing, the Real McCoy

The reason why college was sweet


(Chorus: did you know…)


At the back of your heart

Was I a piece of trash?

That first time you said you loved me

At the back of your house

The first time you kissed me

On top of my bed

The first time you made love to me


Know it makes no sense now

But I wanna know 


(Chorus: did you know…)


Oh baby

At the time you hired mercenary

To write my exams

And cleared your bank account

To get me outta the hospital

Did you, oh did you?


(Chorus: did you know…) 


I guess this is love

Like an electric bulb

One minute it’s on 

And a switch, it’s off

And now it leaves the heart of someone like me, dark! 

(Chorus: did you know…)   


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