Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Emotional Healing Expert Offers A Free Seminar!

This is an idea worth sharing...
I got this broadcast from a trust friend, EMEKA nobis on BBM and thought to share.

'Hacked Into An Emotional Puppy?

You wore your first mini-skirt just to adore you legs in the neighbourhood. Akila and his gang raped you.

You met your boyfriend and he promised the sun and the stars. Subtly, he got through your vaginal gates, got your belly swollen, and then he took a walk in the time it takes to take a puff of cigarette.

You couldn't bear kids for your hubby. He fires a salvo : you've gotta move out so that Ruke your friend moves in to sire his offsprings.

Damn it, life can be so awful. Why?

Yes, I do not doubt that it could be nerve-wracking to experience dark clouds being fed to you like lollipops. Gauging or knowing the gravity of what hit you might be beyond me.

Hey woman, listen. You're more than the crude lemons life has thrown your way.

You're still here to tell the story. And with a story in your mouth, you can spin life around and become the light that others seek.

You can complete your healing by joining a 3-day healing class to rebirth hope and new possibilities in your life.


This class is for WOMEN ONLY. It will help you find the hope and strength that lie within you.‎

‎Date : 14th - 16th August, 2015

Time : 1900 WAT

Admission : FREE

Pass:  Send "I'm More Than This" to 08166024040 (via Whatsapp Messenger) 

This is a worthy initiative of Bunmi SOBOWALE, Convener of Abuse and Rape Talk and founder, Kick Against Rape.

Follow Bunmi on Twitter : @Bunmi_Sobowale and join her on BBM by pinging pin: 2BE2762A     ‎

‎I'm Dr Okpara Emeka (@IamRMcCoy), and I proudly join Emeka Nobis in supporting this grand initiative.

Do share with others females who need the healing balm.

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