Saturday, October 31, 2015

I Told My Story...Will You Tell Yours?

Several years ago, I started writing a story.

I didn't know how it would end, but I knew it'd be very interesting at least to me. I would write a page, sometimes an entire chapter; and then drop the pen. At other times, I would pick the pen, but there would be nothing to write; no inspiration no matter how hard I tried.

I started typing the story when I acquired a personal laptop. I was about mid-way into the story then. Sometimes, I would wake up in the morning and go straight to the laptop to type; I would type a few more before I go to sleep... Eventually I typed all 62,400 words of the novel with these my fingers! ***staring at my fingers***
I've lost track of the timeline, but it was done within a period of 1yr or so.

My driving force was that I had a story, set within my environment, chronicling familiar struggles and triumphs, spiced with just the right dose of suspense...

I had a story which wasn't about a distant land where snow falls and children made snow man or a distant past when maidens danced breast-bare in the market place. It was a story one could see driving or walking round Port Harcourt.

So, when I learnt the Rivers State Ministry of Education had approved my story for their students in the senior secondary, I was glad many of those students would now read a story they can relate well with.

And I'm still awed those words I scribbled on those papers in those years came alive to be relevant today. I pray they inspire someone to tell their story.


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