Friday, January 15, 2016


HIDDEN HALOES, a debut novel…

Barile’s mother, Rosemary, has gotten used to frictions in her marriage, but she doesn’t know what hit her when her husband, Tosan, leaves one morning with his usual briefcase in one hand as though to work and never returns; not in her lifetime. Her first son, Barile, has to grow up quickly to be a father to his only brother, and a husband to his frail mother in a city set on black gold where ‘impossible’ describes the gap between the rich and the poor.
With no education and no skill, Barile has only the street wisdom he picked mostly under the traffic light at Garrison roundabout (where he spends his childhood hawking banana) which is grossly inadequate in the face of rather unstable and harsh government policies.
The government policies may not have been specifically targeted at the family Tosan abandoned, but the policies hit them right in between the eyes all the same. It takes the unbelievable benevolence of the Johnsons to bring hope close to Barile, his mother and his younger brother; a benevolence Barile’s kinsman has to look more closely into when Barile’s mother dies in shady circumstances under the roof of the Johnsons.
However, the death of Barile’s mother did not surprise him half as much as the re-appearance of his father… and his father’s attempt to destroy his chances of happiness again.

Set in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria, and told in simple language with the clarity and depth of sparkling spring water, HIDDEN HALOES is a spell-bounding suspenseful contemporary African story.

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