Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ball Pen Artist, Chijioke Anyacho Is Angry With Some People.

There is a stage in the life of a creative when people try to make light or usurp your talent. Amazingly talented Imo Stete born ball pen artist, Chijioke Anyacho appears to be in that stage now...and he's taking none of it.
He took to his Facebook page to voice his displeasure and let the world know where he stands.
He says:

I was just on my own wondering if Nigerians will still go to hell after going through this heat when one somebody sends me a message telling me that he can hook me up with the governor of Lagos, I told him that will be very kind of him...then he sends this-
ME..... No Deal thanks...
As if he has not insulted my intelligence enough, he resort to bully.
He replies-
"Lol cos I'm not a celebrity right?
Yu did it free for basket mouth And some oda peeps that have more than enuff
Lol typical Nigerian"
At this point I had enough,
What does he mean by TYPICAL NIGERIANS??? Did his ancestors tell him that I am desperate for his not even desperate....did they tell him that I am dying to meet Ambode?? Does he think I am really that stupid? You think if I hear that you have connection with Ambode my brains with start malfunctioning??
What nonsense is scratch my back i scratch yours?
What is wrong with some people sef?
If I decide to pen draw all the celebrities in Nigeria and the world, am I using his hand to draw?
Sir keep your help, encourage your siblings to pen draw and introduce them to Ambode..
Also I would want to address the set of "Hi Chijioke, I am a blogger, draw me for free and i will promote you on my platform" people......i have been getting this messages which I normally just ignore.
I should draw you for free so that you will promote me on your platform!!! Really!!?? I don't need your demoted promotion biko. Will your face reduce the exchange rate of a dollar to the naira??
I would rather go and draw the sand in Sahara Desert than draw your face..
If I should even draw a blogger sef it will be you that became a blogger after you heard Linda Ikeji bought a mansion in Banana Island abi.....
Try and promote your blog first.
Imagine insinuating that all the drawings have made so far are not good enough until their face is among... Just imagine....
"I can hook you up, it comes with a cost as well(after I have told him my price for pen drawings)

Scratch my back and I scratch yours Do it free for me and I show him and be rest assured that you're coming to lagos for a one on one meeting with him...Deal ?

My God is able and capable to do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond what I can ever think, dream or imagine.... He will take me places.
Thank you.

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