Thursday, October 13, 2016

WHEN LOVE WAS SWEET (final Episode)

That sweet twist of faith was regrettably shortlived!

continue from episode 3...

this is a story of skipped heartbeat

Soon after that period the Junior WAEC came, and before we could recover from the heat of it to pay attention to the matters of skipping heartbeat, the historic Gov. Mbadinuju strike came. The longest strike by the teachers of Anambra State happened, forcing many of us to withdraw from OTS, and find a school in Imo State.

I changed school, and I was not to see Chinyereugo again…
Come to think of it, what did I even want from her, really? I wanted to be her friend. I wanted her to smile back at me, and make a pep talk like she did with some of the happening guys in school then. I wanted her to talk with me sometimes during recess. I wanted her to play with me during prep when everybody went to the field in mufti, and engaged in any kind of sports they liked. That was when Chinyereugo looked her best – school uniforms actually hid two-third of her assets!

That was how innocent my love was. That was how innocent the love of kids in my era was. I know some guys in our school then claimed they got down with her, but that wasn’t the kind of heroism I wanted with her…

I don’t get to have a skipped beat for anyone nowadays. Maybe I used up my quota on Chinyereugo. I actually wonder if kids these days get a stirring in their pants or a skip in their heartbeats when they see such a beauty. If the latter isn’t their case, they miss a lot!

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