Tuesday, November 15, 2016

18 Days To Go!


It's 18 days to end of voting on Etisalat Prize for Literature, Flash-Fiction Category.

The voting site has been difficult especially on mobile devices, but Etisalat has owned up to that..

Thankfully, there is a walk-around the hitches:
1. To vote for my story, please open this on a new tab. 
If you encounter security issues on your browser, click 'advanced', and then 'proceed to prize.etisalat.com', and voila! you are there.
2. Click on the 'like' icon to vote. You will be redirected to a Facebook landing page. If you are not already logged into your Facebook account on your browser, you will be required to log into Facebook. Facebook is your voter's card.
3. Click 'continue' on the Facebook landing page, and you are done. You have voted! The number beside the 'like' icon should increase by one.

Remember. Vote here, and Share!

You are awesome! 

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