Friday, February 10, 2017


You know that feeling you get when someone calls you 'Rochas brother' just because you are from Imo State? [Well, that would have been great if everyone loved Rochas; but you know, if your brother was such a great guy, you will have a problem convincing Nigerians that he is really your brother!]

That's close to the feeling an aboki who's picking life from the wastebin behind your house gets when you taunt him with your hatred for Buhari and the entire northern Nigeria as though he's Buhari's younger brother...

It's unfortunate that our people sow hatred and expect to reap love.

I feel sorry for aboki shoemakers when people enjoy their services for kobo-kobo, and turn around to insult them for their way of life.

Beyond that, I've observed that those guys 'can't fit shout' or argue, they are better at wielding daggers! So, when you go looking for their trouble, make sure you don't come shouting in the social media when you find it.

Please, don't look for trouble, there are a lot of it lying about already!

#BreakTheCycleOfHate #HurtPeopleHurtPeople #LoveInspiteOfYourself

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