Sunday, May 21, 2017

Come In Here! Obinna Orgazi Has A Word For You!

One of my favorite timelines on Facebook is Obinna Orgazi's. Laden with beautiful and sometimes exotic pictures of his many travels and well presented motivational write-ups, Obinna's timeline (and businesses too) is worth visiting. He runs one of the few new-generation boutiques that offer free laundry as after-sales service in Owerri, Imo State.   

If you are not going to church, just read his post below and you have all the sermon you need today... You can then go and give your tithes and offerings online to your local church!

"Many look at my profile on social media: the beautiful photos and exotic places that I have been, and with dreamy eyes and salivary tongues, they wish they were me.  Many have told me that they'd give anything just to be in my shoes. To me this is funny, for inside this body lives a man that feels, cries, misbehaves and some times struggles to practice his preachings.


"Life comes with loads of challenges. Those who last/live long enough to tell their stories become Victors despite haven made it by chance, or sheer luck at many stages. To even think that a lot of people who are in the same venture as myself, or even better at it struggle to feed makes me realise how blessed I am. 

"Take some time to think: what have those with STDs done that many of us have never done? Yes, #Tuface and #Davido have a line up of baby mamas in their portfolios and some of us  probably don’t because the different women in our lives resorted to different paths or did not find us worthy baby papas. In other words, conditions and outcomes are at times direct results of opportunity and not necessarily choices and actions. 

"I challenge each and everyone of us this day to judge not another and focus on improving ourselves, while reflecting on the grace given to us by our Creator.

"Happy weekend friends! Who will be watching #Arsenal vs #Chelsea with me at #Wembley Stadium on the 27th of May.

You're truly,


(One with God)"

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